Illustrator Joey Manfre at the Hotel Healdsburg

On Sunday, February 7th, illustrator Joey Manfre read from our book, Raggedy Chan, at the Hotel Healdsburg. He began by giving a short book summary to the kids, complete with enlarged illustrations from the book. (He did the summary because there was not enough to read the whole book out loud.) Then he talked about being an illustrator, and how he took ancient illustrations from the Ming Dynasty and put a modern spin on them. He finished by reading Chapter 1 to the kids. When he finished reading, the Hotel Healdsburg served fresh almond and sugar cookies to the kids with hot apple cider. The kids were given Raggedy Chan coloring pages. They colored while enjoying their snacks. All in all, a completely successful event.

I am sad to report that I don't have any pictures to post! The original plan was for me to do the reading, but I fell ill with the stomach flu and spent most of the day in the hospital hooked up to an IV. Joey (aka The World's Best Illustrator) agreed to fill in for me at the last moment. (There really is no way for me to thank him enough, though I am going to start by taking him and his wife out to dinner.) I've heard nothing but raves from the folks who attended with their kids. Thanks again for making this event a success, Joey!

And a special thanks to all the folks at the Hotel Healdsburg who made the event possible.