Thank You Note #1

Back in November, I went to Waldo Rohnert Elementary School to do a presentation on Chinese Mythology for the kids. I recently received a packet of thank-you notes from the children. Each note was accompanied by an illustration of a character of scene from Raggedy Chan. I was so impressed by the thank you notes. The students' penmanship and writing skills were fantastic. I was blown away by the little details so many of them recalled from the presentation. I've scanned a few of the letters and will be posting them over the next few days. I have removed the name of the student from the letter to protect their identity.


The letter reads:

"Dear Picott, I like the dragons that you showed us. I can't believe dragons in China are nice to people. I thought that they were mean to people! I think it is interesting that one of the dragons can swim under water. I can't believe that you have been writing books since you were nine! Sincerely, xxx" At the very bottom of the letter is an illustration of Raggedy Chan.