Speculative Fiction Educator's Conference

I was thrilled to stumble upon this website today: http://ltue.org/LTUE2010.html. It is link to a conference called "Life, the Universe, and Everything 28: The Marion K. "Doc" Symposium on Science Fiction & Fantasy" (known as LTUE for short). Basically, it's an academic symposium for speculative fiction.

One aspect of LTUE is the LTUE Educator's Conference, which is specifically to help promote speculative fiction in the classroom. This is my particular area of interest; it is one of the reasons I've decided venture into the realm of publishing.

The conference is free. (That's right -- FREE!) It's held at BYU in Provo, Utah (where one of my best friends just happens to live).  I'll definitely be going. Drop me a note if you plan to go!