September BAIPA Meeting - Getting Creative with Marketing

I recently joined BAIPA, the Bay Area Independent Publisher's Association. It's a wonderful organization. There are authors, publishers, editors, book designers, etc. -- just about everyone you could think of who might be involved in the book publishing business. It's a greay way to network. I've been amazed at the wealth of information to be learned at these meetings.  If you live in the Bay Area of California, I encourage anyone involved in the publishing world to attend these meetings. You can learn more at

Each month when I attend the meetings, I will share what I have learned on this blog.  If you plan to attend a BAIPA meeting, please let me know so I can say hello.

This month's speaker was Marie Etienne, author of Confessions of a Bi-polar Mardi Gras Queen. She gave a wonderful, energetic presentationon on her experiences in the marketing world of publishing. Using the Book Expo of America as a luanching platform, Marie was able to pre-sell 1200 copies of her book! She did this mainly by utilizing the Book Expo mailing list to let everyone know about her book. She also managed to get a write-up in Publisher's Weekly prior to the show. She gave away free galleys and hired an attractive woman to work in her booth. (Don't be quick to knock this last tactic. I've been to big equipment shows where suppliers hire models to sell tractors. Guess which booths have the most attention?) And even though she didn't fit the distribution "standards" (10 books to sell or 10,000 annual copies), she also managed to secure a contract with a large distributor.

What I Learned: You have to be creative and tenacious to be successful in the publishing world. Rules are meant to be broken.

You can learn more at