Monday, December 12, 2016

Writer's Report: Sulan 3 Coming in January 2017!

Available in print and ebook in January 2017 ~ Audio book to follow in March 2017!

About Sulan, Episode 3: After escaping the League, Sulan and her friends are granted entrance into the Dome, a utopian biodome in the wilderness of Alaska. Sulan soon finds herself a pawn in Global Arms’s political maneuvers to secure the national mercenary contract. Forced to put on a public persona that makes her skin crawl, she must charm Vex media moguls to further the cause of Global. Should she fail to embrace her new role as company spokesperson, the consequences will be deadly to everyone she loves.

Meanwhile, the League unleashes a new deadly threat on the United States. When Sulan and her friends stumble on the trail of a League mole within the Dome, they set out to track him down. Will they be safe in their new home, or will they find themselves trapped among enemies?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Undead Ultra Blog Tour 2 - Week 2

The last few months have been a whirlwind! Undead Ultra ebook and print books came out in April. I spent the rest of April and a chunk of May working on the audio version with the talented Gwendolyn Druyor. Then I buckled down and pulled together my team of runners for the Undead Ultra Relay. My fellow crazies ran with me from Geyserville to Arcata, following the 200+ mile route Frederico and Kate ran in the novel. I've spent the last few weeks organizing video clips from the run and writing a script for the Undead Ultra Relay Documentary. Whew! And here we are, at the beginning of July, and we've just wrapped up the last week of the Undead Ultra Blog Tour with CBB Book Promotions. I am now relaxing in a resort in Escondido, enjoying time with the family. Honestly, I'm sort of exhausted . . . but that doesn't stop me from scouting out the nearby SoCal hills for some good running trails!

Here's a recap from this week's blog tour:

Book Lovers Life gives Undead Ultra 5 Stars!

OK, not being a runner, I found the idea of Ultra Marathons absolutely fascinating. The fact that people put themselves and their bodies through that was shocking!! The authors descriptions of what happens to them and what they go through was so real that I winced a lot!!  . . . In all, this was such an awesome read. I loved absolutely everything about it, from it's unique method of transport ;), to it's brilliantly written plot, this is a must read. I've read some of this authors previous work and this one just makes me love her writing style more. I highly recommend you check this book out!!!

Here's another great review from WS Momma Readers Nook:

 I loved this book!  I started off not knowing what "Ultra" meant but quickly learned that it is about people who run what are called "Ultramarathons" which can be 35 miles or hundreds of miles.  Something I had not heard of.  So we meet Kate and Frederico, 2 running friends who both have older children.  . . . Frederico and Kate are both very complex characters and very well-written.  It was very realistic even being in a surreal environment because it showed the reality of ultramarathons and the courage to go on even when you don't think you can.  I read this book in one night it was so good I could not put it down!  Definitely one to check out if you love zombie novels :)

Jael's Reviews posted a fun interview, which you can read here. Here's a snippet:

Q: If you were running an ultramarathon with a new writer...what writing/publishing wisdom would you bestow upon him/her before you reached the finish line? A: I would tell her that writing novels and running ultra marathons aren’t all that different. Both require commitment, practice, and patience. Their similarities are probably why I’m drawn to both of them.

And one more very nice review from Brooke Blogs:

Undead Ultra by Camille Picott is not a book I would normally read. Horror/zombies are totally out of my reading element. However, I was really intrigued by the plot of the story. My older daughter runs cross country/distance (though nowhere near ultra length) so I understood the running element of the story. As a mother, I can imagine Kate’s need to undertake this journey, no matter the odds. The story was well written. I felt the angst while I was reading.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Undead Ultra Blog Tour 2 - Week 1

The first week of CBB Book Promotions Undead Ultra Blog Tour was a lot of fun! Check out excerpts and links to interviews and reviews!

Undead Ultra gets 4.5 stars at A Page to Turn Reviews! You are read the full review here.

I'm not by any means a runner or a true athlete but I can appreciate one of these kinds of ultra marathons and I have many people in my life that do run. I've participated in a few 5K's myself... and have even heard of a Zombie Run - but this book blows my understanding of zombies out of the water. I was truly horrified at this story and the premise, in a good way!

Interview at Bookhounds. Here's a snippet:

Q: Is there a word you love to use? A: I’m a fan of the f-bomb. That single word can have so many nuances and meanings! I refrained from using swear words in my other books, but I let loose in Undead Ultra. I figure if there’s any genre that needs f-bombs, it’s a zombie book.

Laura at FUONLYKNOEW has nice things to say in her review of Undead Ultra:

You can’t help but cheer these two on as they race to the rescue. Their run gets your own endorphins pumping. The dangers they encounter on the way keep the suspense levels high. And you remain hopeful they’ll get where they’re going, rescue Kate’s son, and somehow survive. / Strong writing and well developed characters make this one I recommend to all zombie lovers. And you runners might get a kick out of it too.

Here's a snippet from an interview at Astounding Books:

Q: Go to your fridge. Open the door. What will you find? A: I make smoothies every morning for breakfast. There are always at least 2 vegetables in them. This week, you’d find bok choy, cabbage, and kale in my fridge. You’re also likely to find celery, cucumber, collard greens (obsessed with these), cauliflower, and broccoli. The more veggies, the better!

Another review at The Mystery Tavern, which you can read in full here.

I have a serious love for zombies, and Camille Picott did not disappoint. Picture this scene: Red Hat Society ladies turned into zombies. I don't know if you have experience with the Red Hat Society, but I sure do. I used to buss tables for a restaurant, and they would use it as a meeting place. Not my favorite patrons, so this scene was gold to me.

An interview at Curling Up With A Good Book, a snippet below. You can read the full interview here.

Q: What gave you the inspiration to write this book? A: I’m a thirty-something wife and mother. I feel like I am an under-represented demographic in scifi/fantasy. I get tired of reading books about teenagers and characters in their twenties who don’t have much life experience. I really wanted to write a book with adult characters who had families and dirt under their nails, so the speak, because that’s something that’s meaningful to me. I’m also an ultrarunner, and I thought it would be fun to share this crazy sport with readers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Undead Ultra Blog Tour - Part 2

The amazing Candace from CBB Book Promotions has put together a great blog tour for Undead Ultra! Stay turned to interviews, excerpts, reviews, and an Amazon gift card giveaway!

Bookhounds - Interview
fuonlyknew - Review
Astounding Books- Interview
A Page to Turn - Review & Excerpt
Natural Bri- Review
Book Lovers Life - Review
Rambling Reviews - Excerpt
Jael's Reviews - Interview
Brooke Blogs- Review & Excerpt

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Undead Ultra Blog Tour - Day 5

Review from The Avid Reader. Excerpt: "I am going to have to give the author Camille Picott kudos for Undead Ultra is one of the best books I think I have ever read. It is very well written and the characters are well developed. Undead Ultra is on my top ten books of 2016."

Brizzlelass posted an interview, which you can read here

What inspired the story?

One thing I really wanted to do is write a genre novel that featured adult characters. I get tired of stories about twenty-somethings with very little life experience. As an almost-forty wife and mother, I feel like characters with similar mid-life experiences are largely underrepresented in genre fiction. In Undead Ultra, Kate is widower in her late-thirties. She got pregnant in college and dropped out as a result. Her son is her life. Frederico is in his early sixties. He’s  a recovering alcoholic struggling to connect with an estranged daughter. Both characters have life experiences and life stories that I hope will appeal to adult readers.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Undead Ultra Blog Tour - Day 4

Rambling Reviews gives Undead Ultra 5 Stars! Excerpt: "I don’t review many books five stars but I’d give this one six if I could . . . I devoured it. I seldom finish a book in under a week’s time – not because I don’t read quickly or a lot, but because I have a short attention span and I’m often reading 5, 6, 7 books at a time."

Check out my Top 10 reason for reading zombie books at My Crazy Bookish Life!

Want to check out a sample of Undead Ultra? Visit Book Lovers Life for an excerpt!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Undead Ultra Blog Tour - Day 3

Archaeolibrarian posted my Top 10 list of things I would want with me in a zombie apocalypse. Can someone please pass the crowbar?

Mama Reads Hazel Sleeps posted a review. Excerpt: Undead Ultra was very different from any other recently released zombie apocalypse novel in that it had the added level of endurance race and it’s set amidst the sudden onset of said apocalypse with no preparation.  Faster paced and with more seemingly insurmountable obstacles than most novels will tackle in such a short time, there is definitely not a dull moment to be had. 

Want to see what served as my inspiration for this book? Check out my Top 10 list at Books N Pearls.

Natural Bri gave Undead Ultra a 5 star review on Goodreads! Excerpt: Overall, this was a unique and exciting read. I was very impressed by it and found that it held my interest and attention from cover to cover. I highly recommend it if you are a zombie lover looking for something new. 

Get a sneak peak of Undead Ultra at Solafide Publishing.